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It is our intention, going forward, not only to continue providing this fantastic back drop for your big day but also to enhance the experience for our guests, and at the same time protect this precious area and help reverse the overall impact which we all have on our planet.

By booking your wedding day at Cockley wood, you are already contributing to enhance the woodland and encourage the local Eco system.

We are working on a system whereby your wedding can be powered entirely by renewable energy derived from our existing (and future) renewables portfolio.

This would mean that your wedding day will have a much reduced impact on the planet as a whole. Part of our business plan is to invest in renewable energy storage systems which will allow this to happen.

Investing in the Future

Cockley Woodland Weddings
Of course, all this requires significant financial investment and to allow us to achieve this, we have put forward plans to our local authority to expand the wedding venue business, but this isn’t just about financial investment, we want to invest in creating worthwhile sustainable jobs in our area for local people and local suppliers.
We believe (if we get support from the local planning department) that we can succeed in creating a worthwhile, sustainable business model, which will go on providing a multitude of benefits to future generations.