Cockley Wood Weddings – Our Story

A Truly Unique Yorkshire Woodland Wedding Venue


After 30 years of running our own construction business and raising children (who won’t leave!!), we had the opportunity to purchase this fantastic property with 16 acres of land including ‘Cockley Wood’ and set out to change our lifestyle.

It was difficult to start with, sweat and tears were shed, pounds maybe stones were lost and countless blisters were sustained as we got used to tending gardens, feeding animals (3 dogs, 2 horses, 10 chickens and an un-determined number of wild birds) oh and not to mention the refurbishing of the house at the same time. We certainly had our work cut out for us. The multiple years of work and determination has allowed us to create a beautiful and unique back drop for your special day.

One of our main aims is to ensure the future of the woodland and the local flora in order to attract new fauna. As a result, we have had a 10 year woodland management plan put in place, this informs us of how we can run a business of this type in the woods but still remain sympathetic to the flora and fauna with a view to replanting and enhancing the woodland environment for future generations.


We have always enjoyed a good party and have been told only too often that we are fabulous hosts, so we thought why not make a business of doing something we enjoy in order to help fund the future of the woodland.

Cockley Wood Weddings

Cockley Wood Weddings